What is County Court Administration Order

Administration Order - Is suitable if you have received a County Court Judgement and owe in total less than £5,000, at least one County Court Judgement and more than one creditor

An Administration Order may be an appropriate solution if you have received a County Court Judgement and owe in total less than £5,000, at least one County Court Judgement and more than one creditor.

You need to make an application to the court that you have a County Court Judgement against you and that you are in financial difficulties to pay your debts. Obviously proof of your difficulties will have to be provided.

An order will be made by the court showing the amount you have to pay each month. The period of the arrangement will last based upon your ability to pay. The order may state that your financial situation will be reviewed periodically.

Often the court states that you must make the payments until your debts are cleared in full although you may only pay back a percentage.

You should apply for a composition order at the same time as you apply for your administration order, then the amount of time you make payments for is limited, usually to three years. In Part C of N92 application form, please make sure you request that you would be considered for a composition order. Click here to check details about Composition Order.

Once the Administration Order is in place, your creditors cannot take any action against you. You will have to make one affordable monthly payment to the court to distribute to your creditors.

Please note that you will be charged for the Administration Order. The fee is calculated based on the percentage of your total debt. It may be anything from 10% and paid to the court before payments are made to your creditors. To continue with the Administration order you will have to ensure that you do not miss out on your monthly payment. Once the payment is missed, the arrangement will be broken.

An administration order Form N92 can be obtained from your local county court office or you may be able to download the form from the Internet. Just type Form N92 on the Internet. Fill and print the form.

Put the name of your local county court on the form from where you have obtained the form. If you are not sure check where is your nearest local county court? It does not matter if your creditors have used a different court.

There are four parts on the form A, B, C and D. Please make sure you fill the form properly and correctly. Before you start filling the form, you should have all the necessary details with you such as your employment details, or if you are on Income Support, another benefit, your income and expenditure, details of your creditors, your bank accounts and savings, your mortgage details and how much your house is worth if you do own a property, etc.

If you have already filled the form Assess Your Financial Situation on this website, you should have an idea of how much you can afford to pay on monthly basis. If you have struggled to work the payments, the court staff will be able to help you. You should have all the paper work with you.

Once you have filled in the form you will need to take it to the court yourself as you will have to sign the declaration in front of a court officer, to say that the information it contains is true to the best of your knowledge. The court officer may go through the form and the information you have filled.

Take all the documents relating to the information you have filled in the N92 form, including, statements, letters, invoices etc., received from your creditors as the court may want to see proof of your debts.

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