Council Tax not to be ignore

Council Tax is most important and must be paid on time and cannot be ignored or taken for granted

You have no excuse whatsoever to avoid paying the Council Tax. Council Tax is most important and must be paid on time and cannot be ignored or taken for granted.

If you have fallen behind with Council Tax, you must address it immediately and clear the arrears without further delay if not you are creating unnecessary problems and will end up paying more than you owe in court and other legal fees. If you have delayed making payment due to incorrect council tax, then you should tell the Council immediately and continue to make payments as shown and demanded on the bill. The Council will send revised bill with necessary adjustment as appropriate.

If you are making monthly payments and have missed the due date for payment, you will normally receive a notice demanding the payment. If payment is not made within the requested time, you will be asked to settle the remaining outstanding balance for the whole year immediately in one lump sum. If you are unable to make the payment you will receive final demand to settle the account without further delay. If there is further hold-up in payment, the local authority will ask Magistrates Court to issue a court summons.

It is likely that the local authority will give you time to make an offer of repayment for the arrears, however, it is important to contact them straight away before matter escalates further. Calculate how much you can afford to pay on top of your normal council tax by filling in the income and expenditure form. Armed with proof of your financial situation and your ability to pay the additional payment contact the Council Office and explain that you want to avoid court action and legal fees. Explain to them that further legal costs will deteriorate your present financial situation. Explain that you are determined to clear the council tax.

It may be possible the authority may not wish to negotiate with you if you have fallen far behind in paying the Council Tax. The Council may refuse to accept your offer. However, please continue to make payments. Your willingness to clear your debt will help you if further action is taken against you.

If you have received a court summons and have not paid the arrears, the local authority can then ask the Magistrates Court to issue a liability order. The outcome of this may be one of the following:

Deduction from your wages through an attachment to earnings.

Deduction from Income Support.

Deduction from Jobseeker's Allowance.

Instruct a bailiff to seize goods from your home to cover the amount of the arrears.

The Council may apply to the magistrates' court for a warrant committing you to prison. The Council will only take this step when other efforts have failed and when they have already unsuccessfully tried to levy distress.

Council Tax Benefit

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