Unsecured Debts and debt management

Unsecured Debts and debt management, unsecured debts can be accepted on a Debt Management Plan, your contractual payment is reduced to make finances manageable

All debts must be Unsecured

Bank Overdrafts

Bank Unsecured Loans

Book Clubs


Credit Cards

Debt Collectors

Disconnected Phone Bills

Disconnected Satellite Bills

Internet Mail order

Music Clubs

Old Bank Account Debts

Old Legal Aid Bills

Old unpaid Business Debts. Ceased Trading and no longer in business

Old unpaid Dentists Bills

Old unpaid Doctors Bills

Old unpaid Solicitors Bills

Old unpaid VET Bills

Outstanding HP on Repossessed Goods

Overpayments of Benefits

Overpayments Social Fund Loans

Partners Debts

Personal Loan (Door Knockers)

Rent Arrears from previous address. Current landlord must be different

School/College/University Fees

Store Cards

Unpaid Electric Bills from previous address. Current supplier must be different

Unpaid Gas Bills from previous address. Current supplier must be different

Unpaid Water rates from previous address. Current supplier must be different

Unsecured Loans

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