Debt can be solved in many different ways

Carefully consider and understand all options and apply best solution suitable to you to solve your financial issues, by taking incorrect decision you will end up in further financial difficulties

There are many different ways to solve your debts

Consolidation Loan
Debt Management Plan
Debt Relief Order
Full and Final
Low Income Low Asset
Trust Deeds

You will find most of these subjects on this website.

The key is to carefully consider all of your options, understand and make sure you apply best option suitable to you to solve your financial issues otherwise you will end up in worst financial difficulties by taking bad decision.

If you have understood and think you have found a suitable debt solution, you still need to know:

How long it will take to become debt free?
Will it affect your employment?
Will it affect your credit rating?
Is it legally binding?
Does it prevent your creditors from taking further action against you?
Will your home be at risk?
Will you have to pay a fee?

Whatever you decide, please remember to maintain payments to priority debts such as:

Council Tax
Magistrates Court fines

The consequences of failing to keep up with these payments are much more severe than failing to maintain unsecured debt repayments. is not authorised to give advice under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. The general information and material provided and published on this website is for interest, understanding and for common knowledge purpose only. The details provided should not be taken as any kind of advice and cannot and should not be used to solve any kind of financial problems. You must take proper advice from authorised firm or financial advisor. We do not recommend or endorse any kind investment, advisor, product or services. We do not offer or imply any kind of advice, financial or legal. It is your responsibility to take appropriate action suitable to your needs.