How to spend wisely, save money and stay debt free

Debt solution 4 U has provide money saving ideas to make significant changes to your expenses to save money and assist you to deal with your debts

Only spend what you have. Learn to deal in cash rather than paying by credit or debt cards. You will have constant check of how much you have spent and how much you have been left with. Do not build up debts. Debts will drain your resources.

Before making a purchase, check for the best and the lowest prices on internet and also look for discount vouchers if available. Always ask for discount.

Clear you clutter. Sell all the stuff you no longer need. Get extra cash.

Calculated how much it cost you every time you leave your home? Avoid going out and if possible cut down your social activities.

Rent - If you rent a property, your rent may not be reduced unless you move. Rent in another area may be less. Think carefully before you move you may end up paying more for your travels.

Mortgage - If you own a property, the repayment of the mortgage will depend on the type of mortgage. Check the market and change it for cheaper rate.

Ground rent and service charges - normally applies and it is not negotiable.

Secured loans - you will have to continue to pay your contractual payment.

Mortgage Endowment and MPPI - normal payment cannot be reduced.

Building and contents insurance - Most important, you do not want to lose out. You could get your premium reduced by searching for cheaper quote but maintaining your insured value.

Pension and life insurance - you need to continue to pay as per your agreement.

Council Tax - there are possibilities in reducing your council tax depending on your circumstances. Check if any benefit is applicable to you. Pay your council tax by standing order. You want make saving but avoiding lots of hassle by not falling behind with the payment.

Utilities Bills - Gas – Electricity – Water - Other utilities (coal, oil, calor gas) look for different supplier to have your bills reduced. Some utilities companies give discount for setting direct debit. Your bills are paid on time and you will never fall in arrears.

TV Licence - It is an offence for not to have a TV Licence. If you are over the age of 75 then you do not have pay for the licence.

Cable and Satellite – get use to free view. If not possible, down grade your package to a minimum.

Magistrates' court fines – you need to continue to pay this until paid in full.

Maintenance or child support you need to continue to pay as agreed

Hire Purchase / conditional sale you need to continue to pay as per your agreement

Land Line phone or mobile phone - Contract mobile phone cost more. Pay as you go works out cheaper. Many landline phone companies now have schemes that allow you to make phone calls in the UK, Europe and America. All you pay is fixed amount each amount and that includes broadband. 118 phone numbers are expensive instead use the internet. Stop using premium rate phone numbers.

Public transport (work, school, shopping etc) - If you use public transport consider purchasing yearly or seasonal ticket they are cheaper. If you have your own transport, why not share or alternatively use yours and your friend vehicle. Avoid taxis. Down grade your vehicle and get a smaller engine car - cheaper in fuel and road tax.

Avoid store cards - If you have collected number of store cards then considers paying them off. You will pay less for a consolidation loan and your monthly payment will also reduce.

Road Tax – depends on the size of the engine and the type of the fuel.

Fuel (Petrol, Diesel, Oil etc) you can get better deal at supermarket

MOT and car maintenance - lookout for offers from the dealers.

Breakdown or recovery – check for promotions from breakdown services.

Parking - find cheaper parking you might have to walk little bit more. Good exercise, healthy for you and save money.

Housekeeping – Have a target set how much you need to spend each week. Only spend as per your target and do not over buy. All supermarkets have offers buy one get one/two free and especially in the evening. Collect loyalty points and fuel vouchers. Supermarket coupons can be worth quite a lot. No point stacking your shelves unnecessary. Buy fresh eat fresh. Avoid purchasing pre-packed fruits, vegetables and salad. They are more expensive. Cook your own food rather then buying ready meals. Not all supermarkets are cheaper some of their lines are cheaper than others. Keep an eye on the bargins.

Insurance and Renewals - always check with three or more companies. Check with price comparison websites. There are always opportunity to save money. Make sure you have better or at least same level of cover if the offer is cheaper and reasonable.

School meals and meals at work - Ready made sandwiches are more expensive. Make your own pack launch. Anything out of vending machines is more expensive.

Newspapers and magazines – avoid them read what you want on the web. Pointless to spend on newspaper and magazine, it just a habit. Read about it on internet, far cheaper.

Cigarettes and tobacco – nasty habit, give it up if possible or cut it down. Improve your health, smoking is bad for your health and for the people around you.

Alcohol – drink at home it is much cheaper.

Laundry and dry cleaning – avoid cleaning on regular basis delay prolong where possible.

Clothing and footwear – necessity is the name of the game.

Nappies and baby items – look for offers and promotion items.

Pet food – try local butcher. Buying on line is cheaper. You do not have to travel and is delivered to your doorsteps.

Bank Overdraft facility - is there for banks to make money out of you. Avoid using this facility. Use Credit Cards instead but make you avoid paying interest by settling the account within due date of the payment. You make a quite saving if paid in time.

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