Walking Possession Bailiff to seize goods

A Walking Possession can only be issued when a bailiff gains an entry into your home and a responsible person will have to sign to have reserved items seized

If a bailiff gains an entry into your home, you, any responsible person including a spouse or partner will most likely have to sign a Walking Possession endorsing that the items reserved can be seized by the bailiff to be sold in the event you default on the agreed payments. The bailiff will decide how much you are to pay each month.

Once a Walking Possession is signed it will allow you to discuss the time scale with the bailiff to pay your debt.

However, it is entirely up to the bailiff to agree what period of time he will allow you to repay the debt. In some cases you may only be allowed less than a week to pay the entire debt including the bailiff’s fees.

If you are late or miss a payment, the bailiff is entitled to charge a fee (attending to remove fee) and the entire debt will then have to be settled.

Just a reminder a Walking Possession relating to Council Tax can only be signed by the person named on the Liability Order and it must be signed at the time that the bailiff is imposing a Walking Possession and not after.

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