Debt management Monthly Financial Statement

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Monthly Financial Statement

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  1st Salary            
  2nd Salary            
  Part Time Job            
  Family Credit            
  Income Support            
  Incapacity Benefit            
  Child Benefit            
  Unemployment Benefit            
  Disability Benefit            
  Retirement Pension            
  State Pension            
  Rent and Other income            
  Total Monthly Income            
   Amount quoted is nearest to the £            
  Essential Expenditure              
  Ground rent & service charges            
  Secured Loans            
  Endowment and MPPI            
  Building and contents insurance            
  Pension and life insurance            
  Council Tax            
  TV licence should £12.00 a month            
  Court fines            
  Maintenance or child support            
  Hire Purchase / conditional sale            
  Childcare costs            
  Adult care costs            
  Phone Bills              
  Home phone Land line            
  Mobile phone/s            
  Internet Package with Home phone land line            
  Travel Expenses              
  Public transport (work, school,
shopping, taxi etc)
  Car insurance            
  Road tax            
  Fuel (Petrol, Diesel, Oil etc)            
  MOT and car maintenance            
  Breakdown or recovery            
  Parking charges or tolls            
  Clothing and footwear            
  Dentist, glasses, prescriptions,
  Meals at school and at work            
  Pet food            
  Vet bills and pet insurance            
  Household Repairs            
  Total Monthly Expenditure            
   Monthly Income less Monthly 
 Expenditure = Amount Available to pay
 to your Creditors (Disposable Income)
  Fill the amount you owe to your creditors to calculate the pro rata payments  
  Amount you owe to your creditors to the Nearest £  
  Your Disposable Income   £        
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  £   £  
  £   £  
  Total amount you owe to your CREDITORS £      
  Information provided is an accurate record of my/our finances and I am willing to provide documentary proof if required.  
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