Statutory Demand

A Statutory Demand is a formal legal document ordering to pay off an outstanding debt.

You can either pay by instalments, in a lump sum or have it secured against your property.

The creditor may be able to apply for bankruptcy within 21 days if you do not comply with the demand.

You could act on your own behalf by applying within 18 days to your local County Court to "set aside" the Statutory Demand under one of the following circumstances?

The amount of money owed is incorrect.
The sum owed is less than £750.
The demand has been issued in error.
You are able to pay by instalments, in a lump sum or can have it secured against your property.
There is a counterclaim that debt is more than owed.

Statutory Demand issued by the HM Customs & Excise or the Inland Revenue must be regarded very seriously.

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